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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. you can expect some drizzle if you head out the door this morning and there is a rare summer storm moving into the bay area and we will tell you where the rainfall is the heaviest. >> it is pretty scary and in fact it is frightening. one bay area is nervous, ahead went this, one couple turns tragedyic. and we continue to remove a stranded ship here in ocean beach and we will have more on what may have happened were the ship's captain. an actions santa clara officials are taking to help children escape violence in their own countries. the santa clara continues.
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. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, for some people it is going to be a little bit foggy. a little drip drop and they are now making their presence and you will have a lot charge closer look. i know you are trash being. most of testimony as picked up .05 and we have and just wrap
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willing testimony pack around the lows and back avenue to concord, walnut creek, mt. diablo, 68 split and i know martinez had good rain for a while. 50s and 60s, they have not budged all morning long. .06 h-fair fair and that looks pretty weak. some up graded him. here is steve. hey, steve, we have a two car crash and one of those cars
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is facing the wrong way. there you go, two lanes of traffic were blocked but luckily that was in the opposite direction and you can see on the west hand side of your screen, it is looking congested as you make at approach. metering lights are on and give your self and they were seeing a lot of break lights on the past 15 minutes. we are following breaking news out of napa. there was 'earthquake this morning, it was a 3.2 magnitude and the u.s. gee logical services say it was felt throughout the napa valley almost as far as fairfield and
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sore that people who did find this, we will continue to fit mourn. information and that's pause parts of the bay area are getting some rain, a rare summer rain storm. the and i know we need it e- especial limb doing a drought. that is pretty good sized puddle after they moved near the and as you head out, of
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course, any time in the drive in movie theater also saw some drizzles are long with the film. it was less than a 10th of an inch and more came down in some spots in the north and napa and sonoma counties. itthe most rain recorded on this date was .0 if i have inches and that triggered something put as we move up and there is no issues on the roadways. and you can follow steve paul
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some and the why. and they are helping to address a shortage of police officers and firefighters. they are voting to put a tax measure on the november ballot. they are considering several options to use that quarter sent bails and they are also considering putting a proposal on the ballot for firefighters and weigh show more and have your hose him trying to get in. he used a shovel to pry the
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door opened and when that didn't work he grabbed a large rock and broke the window. he got away with a few watches and that you are asked to call san jose police. you may ask voters to approve the card room within the city limits, and right now there is all i prey and they may attract a card room in san jose. >> and it is the first time they are expected to be inn falled in richmond. they have blocked lights and travel times and the signs are part of an $08 million smart
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corridor project and will be work worked on them year. harbor patrol officials say great whites. .. the other is assigned to the pay >> it was big enough to get your butt out of the water and not within it -- not want to go back in. >> 18 feet, pam? >> whoa! >> the surfer fell off and was not hurt but then spotted one near the beach and he said you can enter the water at your own risk. happening now, a second american missing-year-old in
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west africa. nancy right pole and nancy and nancy writebol will be joining ken brantley her colleague. they are using an experimental drug and within an hour of the doctor using the drug his condition improved dramatically. the death toll is almost 900 and one new york city hospital is performing tests on a man who recently visited from fast throw intestinal to be on the safe side. they are evacuating 340 volunteers a sacramento man
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arrived home after being in sierra leonia and planned to it be a teacher but his plans were changing when he was told to be ready to fly home. >> there were cases of ebola virus where they whether located. he heard stories about zip willing from hospitals. two attacks happened just minutes apart, they are not known for violence and coming up, the reason violence where people and police are now on high alert. . live in ocean beach where the coast guard arrived, coming up on the dangerous work ahead and removing a ship that washed ashore since yesterday.
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room. >> it is not loom the willing food. we had some rain on it and we will look to see if there is in more coming in tonight.
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. welcome home, a 3.8
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magnitude earthquake hit west of napa and on the site, in sonoma fairfield, several reported they felt it and so far no reports of damage or injuries. >> and happening today, they will continue the work of a fishing boat which has been stuck on the shoreline of ocean beach. brian flores is back out there with more on this mystery surrounding the ship's captain, brian? it remains a big mystery this morning and they don't know where he is, work is beginning as they try to have coast guard crews arriving ten minutes ago. they are cooperating with the coast guard and they tied a make-shift anchor to the boat.
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according to the divers last night what made the operation difficult was the breakers coming in and out pushing the diver back on to shore and it was a touch and go operation. the other thing they had to do was held and they will try to remove the fuel later on as well. i was hanging on for dear life as well. and thanks to my crew, they brought me back on the leash line and and they said radio to a friend. family area, the coast guard said he was jumping ship but he had a life vest.
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but after searching, the boat remains but he remains missing and they suspended that search around noontime yesterday. coast guard crews are surveying the area and we expect that work to continue earlier on this morning trying to remove the ship back out to the ocean. sorry,. a former school teacher is accused of molesting more than a dozen students. he inappropriately touched 14 male students at woodside elementary including students with developmentally students and if he is convicted
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on all cute and we are starting to and let know if you did see any traffic and it is not the way i wanted to wake up this morning. it did wake people up out of bed and was strong enough to do that at least. let's head out and let's look at your roadways and things are starting to pick up and this is 80 split and as you go along, we are seeing quite a bit of traffic in the southbound direction but it seems things are okay. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a parking lot and we knew this was going to happen just before 6:00 a.m. and you can see there is a lot
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of cloud cover and steve will be talking about that and this is the mcarthur maze and i wanted to show you this ankle so ike see as you type of through berkeley and make the turn off to the right. so give yourself an extra 20 minutes to get to san francisco this morning. it is 6:17 let's head to steve. we have some great information coming in and gary from vend knee said we heard them and that is definitely reaching the ground and it just went by oakly also and maybe bethel island and also towards
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couldn't and a little pit of term and underneath the 618, there is a trace. up around 18 feet there is .01 and we also have the hurricane and warmer tops are indicateingits weakening considerably and it will weaken not a a had all right and we will have update on that coming up towarding poem tomorrow and there is a lot of dryer air to the south and if some of that
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makes it to gilroy, it will be humid, just what you need and things have really calmed down over lake county and nothing there yet, no rain yet but it feels like it. 6 think in reap oh and from chico, all the way up to we haveville. a lot of the that -- weaverville, some of that is streaming back and we will dive off, in sonoma and marin and and they can often family and
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the other is 72 so i am splatting the tips here and is the absolutely up there and we are getting am and give us -- gives us some rain. thanks, steve. we have some traffic problems in san francisco and coming up in just 25 minutes, the reason the city says it is worth the head cake. an accused child pornography pornographyer after the break, what it has to do with your e-mails and right to privacy.
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. we have breaking news coming in from afghanistan, at least one american has been killed in an attack. he opened fire on foreign troops in kabul at a military training academy and a dozen other americans were there and that gunman was killed. we are following developing news where a plane landed
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safely with the royal air force. and it landed out of the area and they reported concerns that some sort of device might be on the plane. they are still investigating a threat and one passenger has been taken off the plane and we will bring you more as soon as it becomes available. google is now confirming, a suspected child pornography fur in houston. the special scanning technology alerted them in the important graphic g males of this account. google changed its service to
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explicitly a all allow child sexual abuse and that screens has people raising privacy concerns. >> i am surprised he and when it comes to he will legal agent live and everybody needs to understand free services are not really free. they are making matches with a new type. >> he very loyal mate. >> since then, 2000 have come up and the with people looking for a short-term commute, they
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are just taking it for a walk. and 6:26 two muni accidents in san francisco, raising concerns about a response in the city. after the plans which left dozens of people with care. people on high alert, shows you a sketch and we will also hear a sketch from the victim's family. and we have a look at the mcarthur maze towards the right- hand side of your screen there, we will have more traffic hot spots next. there is some rain out there and some measurable amounts, not just a trace. there are plenty of cloud cover and we'll see it later today.
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. after two armed robberies, one young couple was shot several times. janine de la vega is there where one of the tacks occurred and police are hoping it will help them catch that gunman, stay tuned for that. good morning, ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is tuesday, august 5th, time now 6:30, we have a look at the rain. >> yes, i found some rain and i had a nice tweet from sue and said i love the smell of the rain and it is a called pet core and there is menty of rain
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which is impressive and we are just moving orders towards parts ever marin county and that's definitely reach being parts of highway 4 and also towards alamo, danville, and moving over to piedmont, parts of the northern sacramento valley and some of that could easily wrap back around and it can bring in definitely a little more rain through the cloud cover and parkly looks like richmond and marin and some of of this will sweep through and clouds, rain for some, not for all, a and it is definitely measurable amounts. any sun breaks it will be hot and humid, 80s and 90s, here is
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tara. we have an accident in haywood, we are still feeling the after affects and you can see the backup extends back up extends all the way to the mcarthur maze. finally westbound traffic as you make your drive towards sunnyvale, it's not too bad at this hour, we will keep an eye on it, 6:32 let's go back to the desk. if you are getting ready to head out, be prepared for some wet roads and joining us from vallejo with this rare summer storm, alex? yes, good morning if you
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they they are a bit wet w-they are but they are drying up quickly and be cautious as you head out the door. it is an unusual site and we don't usually get. rain there was some which came down in parts of napa and sonoma counties and it is not much but it would not take a whole lot to set the record and in this date, it was .05 inches. this was the same which caused it a few days ago trash being
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trigger floods throughout the tie and just to make the roads slug, they are asking everybody to slow down because of the rain and it is causing them to be cautious, live in vallejo, ktvu channel 2 morning news. don't forget you can get weather updates and you can find them all on facebook and twitter. police in calm bull, they are searching for a gunman and we have to more from the 31 yours cordially over a couple of dollars. he can't believe the robber's disregard for life and his desperation. his son and son's girlfriend are recovering in the hospital
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after having a scary encounter here at this bank parking lot which is just across the street from the prune yard shopping center. here is a sketch. he is described as a latino man between 20 to 40 years old with a top type offing pocketer and he posted it, the young woman was walking in the bank of the parking lot when she was approached by a gunman, her boyfriend was in the car and he intervened but was shot multiple times. he will survive. >> you don't want to lose your children and you don't want them to be unsafe. i am grateful that they are going to be okay. >> but it is going to be hard
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for them, it is not something which is a scrape or bruce, this is serious and prior to to that a gunman shot a woman in downtown calm jell dash-cam bell and the woman was unharmed. they believe it was the same suspect who shot the couple and these cases are increasing their presence downtown and police are hoping they release a sketch of the suspect bringing them new leads and if you have any information or recognize the man seen in that schedule and tylker nauman on
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it action 14 tino, he -- he -- he yelled as a passing car before somebody started shooting and this happened 12:30 friday morning on rock spring way. thousands will be taking a stand against crime for a national night out. the annual event encouraging people to be hold being block parties. the city of oakland hopes to set a new record, similaree vince, including the fruit veil station and in just a few hours and the plan calls for the
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county to coordinate with host families to provide temporary housing for undocumented, unaccompanied children. now this would get them out of the overcrowded detention centers until the court decides they can stay here in the united states. groups have organized a news conference to encourage county leaders to support the plan and that starts at 8:00 this morning. new concerns about emergency response times after two serious accidents involving money vehicles. workers asked neighbor polygamist counties to save 911 calls and and this is it it and the target time is 10 minutes.
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>> we really need to step up the game and do it quickly. >> the san francisco fire department has received $3 million to hire 16 emergency worker's and the new ambulances were most live just replacing the older once. they were photo bombed by the moon and we now have more to prove it. even without a pass, it is in front and blocking it is 30 times bigger and you can see it after it reappearance. transit workers have
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organized a strike. they may face a shut down and the reason there is still hope a strike will be averted. live in ocean beach, it remains a cape captain ever ever a -- after abandoning ship. and we have a look at the east shore freeway. we have some rain out there and we have rain in venetia, out to oakly and brentwood and look at that, it should be a beautiful sunrise but the rain is a big story. evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class.
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. happening today, dangerous work to remove that fishing boat and brian flores is back out there with more on that and also the mystery surround being the captain of that ship, good morning brian. it remains a big mystery and the ship's don't know whether he drowned or is alive somewhere, they gathered more information about him but the investigation continues and the work is about to begin as crews are getting some dive suits to
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try to relee -- at least remove the boat from the shoreline. we were there in cooperation with the coast guard tied an orange cord around the boat so it does not get slashed around. what makes it difficult was that the breakers were in and out and they said they had to wait to put it back to the ocean and they had to unload hundred gallons of diesel. we understand that fuel remains on the boat and they are trying to remove that as well. >> i was hanging on for dear life as well and things to my crew we made it and everything is good to go. >> this all started when officials said he radioed that the boat he was on was taking
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on water and officials say he was about 25 yards from the show when he gave the mayday call and yesterday he said he was jumping ship and had a life vest and after more than 8 hours of searching he remains missing. they suspected that -- suspended that search and resuming that work this morning, some of them have put dive suits on to remove it and coming up, we will get a closer look to bring you the important work that is being done. a warning about a man who may be presented -- pretending to be part of the east bay. when they searched the car authorities found a complete kit of law enforcement tools
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such as scanners, even crime scene tape but most alarming was a replica 357 resolver. >> it has the ramp for the scope, now the man is being described as latino in his 30s 265 pounds with a goatee and the man's name is not being with -- is being withheld because he is not accused of a crime at this point. shut down for another shooting in the city and the 5th terminator movie starting arnold arnold schwarzenegger is disrupting traffic. a relatively minor inconsistent has a big payoff.
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>> the amount of local spending, even after a few days and they are hoping and it is costing the state more than 2 billion in lost revenue since 2010. well a special visitor at the a's game in oakland... >> according to the team, one player said i thought it was a huge bat. another player said quote, we will have to give him a name be a a jersey and by the way, oakland a's won 3-2. and they
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sent him to the showers. >> come on. >> time now 637. let's see what is coming up on mornings on 2. coming up, one moment, they are plunging. they are recovering from injuries and we will tell you what went wrong and the flight out of florida and the one thing that happened in common. they are fighting over along the wayed report with harsh interrogation methods and what they accused of white house of doing and they say will make the report impossible to understand. those stories and more coming up, now back to you on the morning news. 6:48 is the time, delays
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with amtrak, let's check in with tara. now because of the train track cash will go on and we have a pull off the ramp and we also had a car crash into some trees on highway 37 and we also have a backup where the metering lights have been on since before 6:00 a.m. and it's extending so give yourself an extra 20 minutes. traffic has eased by fremont and all is looking pretty good. it is 6:49 let's check in with steve. we have a combination of a mostly cloudy morning and yes the humidity factor is very high. santa clara could be very high
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this morning and we have light rain discovery bay, antioch, brenly, wrapping back around couldn't cord and the 586 and not a lot here, we have a couple of reports coming in towards oakland and there is not a lot to it but however, concord .07 and you can see where that line is going, cordelia, at last trace we have black diamonds and there are still leak line ,it will be
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consider updated considerably and so no warnings or watches yet and a lot of moisture comes wrapping back. chico up to we haveville, a third of an inch and so far lightning has been held in check for most. 60s on the temperatures and 55 up in tahoe and a crazy week. one day thunderstorms and look at all of this moisture is just flying off of there, it could come back later on and mainly north bay east bay, not too much here, out towards a little bit, crocket venetia, parts of marin county and sonoma but not much, they are definitely on the western edge. temperatures 60s and 70s and 80s, if you have the cloud
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cover, there are huge forecasted differences and inland temperatures will not take long as we head to friday. calm but continues, the cease-fire is underway in gaza and what they are saying and doing which is giving hope for peace talks. plus a dog in cans is getting the last laugh, the long journey for an elderly lab which took him from rags to riches. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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. the presidential library will start releasing tapes to talk about his fall from grace and that's 40 years since president nixon resigned he sat down with a former aid and talked about the watergate scandal. in the first tape he talks about the day he decided to resign and the final tape which will come in on saturday, he talks about his final day at the white house. and if you have eaten at pf change you may want to check your credit card statements. one of the restaurants involved in the breach is located in the sanford shopping center in palo alto and the security breach
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happened up until this past june. customers who ate involved are being asked to review their records for any suspicious activity. and over the san bruno pipeline, they will be allowed to move ahead. this is after a superior court of new jersey judge reached settlements in more than 200 losses filed by the victim's families. eight people were killed, more than 65 were hurt and it destroyed 38 homes. the lawsuit accuses them of pipeline safety regulations and they are trying to block an investigation into the blast. pg&e said they have made major safety improvements including technology that can instantly spot gas leaks. they are now able to monster
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conditions in realtime using schnuck helicopters ground crews and sensors which can rapidly detect a leak. it would be especially important even after a heavy rain. >> it's much faster and finds a lot more leaks. >> pg&e could possibly be fined more than a billion dollars for the san bruno explosion in a federal case. they may also fine the company more than $2 billion. an amazing story, a kansas dog named lady is making headlines after she walked 30 miles to the owner who originally gave her up. even after that remarkable journey, they still didn't want to keep her. after several posts, a woman called the shelter with
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interest in adopting lady, she is not only somebody who wanted to adopt her. she flew in a private jet and took her to the 10,000 square foot home. >> she is bringing attention to all the others like her. boy, lady will now have a chance to roam free with 300 other animals. >> that was worth it. time is 6:58 this may have jolted you out of the bed but it hit the bay area this morning and where it was felt, plus... this is a small area, shots over just a few dollars, a send less attack near downtown campbell which has everybody worried, stay with us, we will be right back.
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good morning. this is a rare sight in the summertime, particularly in our trout. rain dropping around -- in our drought. rain dropping around the bay area. did you feel it? some people


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